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Francis Psychotherapy 

As a sister brand to her private practice, Roxanne Francis built wellness workshops and keynote speaking offerings for corporations and businesses to inform empathy and compassion.


As a successful private practice therapist, Roxanne Francis of Francis Psychotherapy wanted to develop a new part of her business that offered corporate training and workshops to companies and organizations. She also desired to position herself as an expert keynote speaker. 

Having had previous experience as a guest on news panels and podcasts and facilitating workshops with several local businesses and organizations, this also served as secondary to her private practice. Roxanne sought to make this a primary revenue driver for Francis Psychotherapy to position herself as the go-to expert in Mental Health, Anti-Racism, and Workplace Wellness.

Roxanne was seeking support in her business strategy, marketing, and enhancing her brand and digital and physical assets.

UnCo went above and beyond what I was expecting, and delivered exactly what I needed as I look to wrap up the year.

Roxanne Francis
Francis Psychotherapy


A corporate training sales page with a new visual brand identity, a product offering template, and a sales pipeline. Multiple new and updated digital and physical assets, including a full branded research report on workplace wellness, an updated Case Study from previous clients, and an updated proposal template.


Roxanne Francis

The Process

Investigate the Problem

We audited the existing webpage and branding of Francis Psychotherapy and worked with Roxanne through several business strategy sessions. This was used to understand her goals, how she would like to be positioned in this space, what she’d like to offer, and for how much. 

Build Test Iterate

We first applied our suggestions on enhancing the brand as a whole, from updated branding colours, design elements as well as brand voice via updated copy. We also developed a website wireframes for a new version of the corporate offering sales page, which we iterated on often as we developed a product offering and business strategy for this side of Francis Psychotherapy. As these were developed we produced a final draft of the sales page with new branding and updated offerings. 

Therapy Page Before

Therapy Page After

Based upon strategy sessions

We developed a product offering template, a sales pipeline, rate card and a post-training asset template for each product offering in addition to email templates for pitching her service.

Do Things, Tell People

 We also developed several marketing assets including a full research report white papered completely in Francis Psychotherapy brand image about Workplace Wellness as well as developed a Case Study to exhibit her previous work to use for prospective clients. We also enhanced her pre-existing proposal template to match her new brand image and tone.

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