Women Entrepreneurship 

The Founders Fund

An online accelerator program that provides funding to women entrepreneurs through a self-funded membership model.



Tease Tea wanted to go beyond producing and selling tea and truly fulfill its mandate of empowering women. They sought to develop an initiative where they could use a portion of their profits to support women entrepreneurs directly.


A digital accelerator program that provides funding to woman entrepreneurism, but also mentorship, a database of resources, and a community.


The Founders Fund 2019 pilot program results:


in external funds secured


pilot program participants


partners, mentors, and external stakeholders


funded companies

The Founders Fund 2020 results:


memberships sold ($72,000 CAD)




email marketing click-through-rate


social media growth rate (over two months on Instagram)


weekly average click through rate on Instagram to membership page

The Process

Investigate the Problem

We first got curious and researched the missing gaps in women's entrepreneurship. We familiarize ourselves with Tease Tea’s goals and mandates through interviews with their team and women entrepreneurs who’d be the direct recipients of the fund.

Build Test Iterate

We developed their brand identity and marketing strategy that supported a solid online presence with a massive focus on their social channels to build community and relationships and to develop market traction.

Once we built the program’s structure and designed and implemented a go-to-market strategy, we ran a pilot in 2019—this resulted in significant community traction and securing external funding.

After ideating on feedback on the programming, we tweaked the brand messaging for a 2020 cohort which included a paid membership model that would result in monthly revenue.

The restructuring also focused on new brand assets, which included developing a new visual brand identity, key messaging, updated web copy, UX, and web design.

Do Things, Tell People

With an updated brand identity we created a cohesive customer journey and an inbound content marketing strategy which included a comprehensive influencer marketing program.

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