expansion of Ontario Place

Therme Canada

With the expansion of Ontario Place Therme Canada needed a cohesive and accessible web page to inform their venture and host their information. 


Therme Canada had acquired the rights to redevelop and build their facilities at the current location of Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were seeking an update and elevation to their current web and design assets in preparation for their announcement of this launch. They were also seeking a digital interactive map that would demonstrate the proposed rebuild and display of facilities. 

In preparation of announcing their redevelopment and building of their facilities at Ontario Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Therme Canada were seeking an elevation and update to their design and website. In addition to updating their website, they required a digital and fully interactive map to be custom built to represent their proposed plan of the Ontario Place rebuild. 


Fully updated website and custom built interactive map of Therme Canada’s Ontario Place facilities. 

The Process

Investigate the Problem

We met with the Therme Canada to get clear on their objectives and also review the current assets they have. They have a custom built CSM Wordpress so we had to investigate the back end of their system and prepare for development. 

Build Test Iterate

In collaboration with their team who provided updated copy we updated their design and web in preparation for their launch. We ran several quality assurance walkthroughs and tested the website navigation. After each test we iterated based on feedback and any bugs or issues. 

Do Things, Tell People

Once final walkthroughs and the web and map were approved we prepared all assets to be ready for publish. Working with Therme Canada and their scheduled announcement of their development—we were available to publish and make live all web content once their official press release and media announcements were created. 

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